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Xiaomi Mijia H701 High Speed Hair Dryer 1600W Quick Dry Water Ion Hair Care Smart Constant Temperature Professional Hair Dryers


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  • Nozzle coating: Other
  • Number of nozzles: 1 – 2
  • Number of heating modes: Over 3
  • Use: Professional
  • Size: 1600W Quick Dry Water Ion Hair Care Hair Dryer
  • Material: High Speed Hair Dryer
  • Model Number: MIJIA H701
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Voltage: 210-240V
  • Nozzle type: Collecting Nozzle
  • Number of gears: ≥ 5
  • Max. power: 1600W
  • Plug standard: Chinese
  • Function: Anion,Nanoe,Thermostatic,Hot/cold air,Temperature control
  • Portability: Unfoldable handle
  • Brand Name: MIUI
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Hair Dryer
  • Feature 1: Double needle nano water ion hair care
  • Feature 2: 65m/s high wind speed
  • Feature 3: 13 blow-drying modes
  • Feature 4: 57° constant temperature hair care
  • Feature 5: 200 million negative ions smooth frizz
  • Feature 6: Multiple noise reduction design
  • Feature 7: Triple overheating protection
  • Feature 8: Double-layer magnetic air nozzle
  • Feature 9: Removable wind net
  • Feature 10: Quick Dry

Xiaomi Mijia H701 High Speed Hair Dryer 1600W Quick Dry Water Ion Hair Care Smart Constant Temperature Professional Hair Dryers

The power of this product is 220v. lf your local voltage is not consistent with theproduct, please do not place an order (different power will affect the function of theproduct)
lf your local power supply is 110V, you may need to use the transformer adapter touse it . Thanks

Product parameters:
Product Name: Mijia High Speed Water Ionic Hair Dryer H701
Rated Voltage: 220V~
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 1600W
Product Size: 92.5 x 68 x 258.5mm (without air nozzle)
* 110,000 RPM High-Speed Motor: Delivers a powerful wind speed of 65 meters per second for quick drying.
* 100 Times per Second Temperature Detection: Maintains a constant temperature of 57°C for gentle and caring hair drying.
* 13 Drying Modes: Customize your hair drying experience for various needs and preferences.
* Multiple Noise Reduction Technologies: Operates quietly for a pleasant drying experience.
* Double-Needle Water Ion Patent Technology: Efficiently condenses air moisture into nanoscale water ions and delivers them directly to hair for deep nourishment.
* High-Moisture Nanoscale Water Ions: Provides a spa-like experience by evenly enveloping hair and moisturizing it deeply.
* Dual-Effect Hair Care: Combines water ions and negative ions for visible improvements in hair moisture, shine, smoothness, and elasticity.
* Powerful Motor for Strong Airflow: Inspired by airplane engine principles, it offers rapid and efficient hair drying.
* Quick Hair Drying: Dries hair in a short time, with 1 minute for short hair, 3 minutes for shoulder-length hair, and 5 minutes for long hair.
* Double-Needle Nanoscale Water Ions: These ions deeply nourish and moisturize hair, enhancing its smoothness.
* 200 Million Negative Ions: Neutralize static electricity and reduce hair roughness for smoother results.

High-speed moisture wind, nourishing rapid dry hair.Double-needle nano water ion can deeply nourish hair and improve the moisture and smoothness of hair.

200 million negative ions, neutralize static electricity and reduce hair roughness.

100 times/second temperature detection, 57℃ constant temperature drying care hair.

110,000 rpm high-speed motor, 65 m/s strong wind speed.

13 kinds of hair blowing modes, free combination and flexible hair blowing.

Multiple noise reduction process, soft sound.Double needle water ion patented technology, hair hydration more efficient and delicate.

Specially developed breakthrough double-needle water ion hair care technology, which can effectively condense the moisture in the air, and instantly double atomized into nano-water ions, which are delivered directly to the hair through independent cold air channels to provide deep nourishment for the hair.

Independent water ion channel, protect water ion long-distance transmission, reduce high temperature on water ion loss.High water content nano-water ions, hair to enjoy the water light SPA.

Compared with ordinary negative ions, nano water ions are additionally rich in higher water content, which can evenly wrap hair, help close hair scales and deeply moisturize hair.Water ion + anion dual effect maintenance, visible moisture smooth.

Nano-water ions replenish hair, united 200 million negative ions to neutralize static electricity, reduce hair roughness, from dry hair to hair care to hair care, make hair healthier, smoother and brighter.

Effectively moisturizes hair and rejuvenate hair.Powerful motor, release big wind force.

Drawing lessons from the principle of aircraft engine, it is equipped with 110,000 rpm high-speed motor and 13-wing aviation turbine fan blade, which extrudes air through conical supercharging air duct to generate 65m/s wind force.13 hair blowing modes to enjoy blowing freely.

3 wind speed, 4 wind temperature, plus hair care mode, to realize 13 kinds of hair blowing free combination, warm in winter and cool in summer to enjoy comfortable hair blowing in all seasons.1 minute quick dry, efficient blow dry and care hair, no waiting.

The high wind speed penetrates the hair directly to the hair root, quickly dries the hair, and gives you a comfortable and efficient life experience.Hair care mode is turned on with one button, and intelligent temperature control protects hair.

100 tests per second, NTC intelligent temperature control, to ensure that the air temperature is maintained at 57℃, with soft wind speed, gently blow hair, reduce hair damage.Multiple noise reduction technology, light sound comfortable ear protection.

Each fan blade has been finely tuned to produce a more delicate wind, and the optimized air duct design reduces airflow resistance and produces a softer wind, which is strong but not noisy and reduces the impact on calls.You can choose two colors, there is always one you like.

390g ultra-light experience, for you to reduce the burden.

The smart two-tone adds a touch of color to the dressing table, and the metallic paint emits a delicate glow for a high-end visual enjoyment.Intimate details, gentle care everywhere.

1. Double-layer magnetic air collecting nozzle, 360 ° free rotation, directional output of high-speed air flow, to meet the needs of local modeling.

2. Triple overheating protection, NTC, thermostat, fuse triple protection, always guard your safety.

3. Anti-hair suction design, double-layer micro-hole air inlet net, reduce hair and dust inhalation.

4. Power cable tie, easy to store, easy to take care of.


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